Direct Patient Care

Are you interested in a career that really impacts other lives and makes the world a better place? Try a career in caring. We offer many training options in patient care as well as professional development. The training ranges from entry level to licensure to re-licensure programs. Our dedicated instructors deliver affordable, quality education year round. Many of our instructors were once Greenville Technical College students; they feel committed to giving back to our community through enriching students’ knowledge.

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Specialties available

This year we proudly celebrate 15 years of the Certified Medical Assistant accreditation as well as successfully training over 275 nursing assistants to administer care to those in need. We continue to be the only South Carolina school that offers the training pathway for nurses to reactivate their license and healthcare providers to transition into the field of sleep disorder medicine. Spend some time reviewing the Phlebotomy program and the career advancement to Hemodialysis Tech, read about the rewarding diverse field of medical assistants and discover how nursing assistant training can jump start your healthcare career aspirations.

Emergency Medical Training

Lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care of emergency trained personnel. Incidents as varied as automobile accidents, heart attacks, childbirth, and gunshot wounds all require immediate medical attention and treatment.

We offer a diverse selection of training courses ranging from the dispatcher to the emergency medical technician. The main focus of these courses is developing your knowledge and proficiency in emergency medical care and treatment. The courses may train you for a career in the field of emergency medicine or provide you certifications to maintain your professional license.

Greenville Technical College is an authorized provider of American Heart Association courses.


Emergency Medical Technician (QJ)
Emergency Dispatch 9-1-1 (QJ)
Emergency Nurse Pediatric Core Course
Emergency Nurse Pediatric Core Instructor Course
Emergency Responder 
Trauma Nurse Core Course
Trauma Nurse Core Instructor Course

AHA Healthcare CPR and Advanced Courses

AHA Heartsaver CPR and First Aid

AHA Instructor Courses

Dental Career Development

Learning is lifelong and especially in this fast paced technology-based society, changes occur quickly. Those who have been in dentistry realize the need to stay abreast of current best practices and safety measures.

These courses are taught by a practicing dentist who adds her real world experience and practical knowledge to the course of study.

Dental Radiation Safety
Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Monitoring

Hemodialysis Technician

Medical Interpretation

Medical Assistant Program

This CAAHEP accredited certificate program is 18 months, 884 hours divided into 4 progressive sections. The sections are divided into introduction, administrative, clinical and laboratory. As a medical assistant you will be cross-trained to work in an ambulatory care setting, primarily a physician’s office in the administrative, clinical, and laboratory areas.
The American Association of Medical Assistants defines its members as “Health care’s Most Versatile Profession.”

IV Therapy for Certified Medical Assistants


Nurse Professional Development

Nurse Refresher Program

Nursing Assistant

A healthcare FOUNDATION course. 

Nursing Assistant (QJ)


Polysomnographic Technician

Specialty Courses

We offer many varied employment training courses. Many of the courses lead directly to employment as well as national certifications - starting you on a health care career pathway. The course instruction and personalized hands on practical skills provide every opportunity for you to be successful. The class sizes are small with flexible offerings both day and night. 

Emergency Nurse Pediatric Core Course (ENPC) 
Emergency Nurse Pediatric Core Instructor Course (ENPC) 
Handling Medical Emergencies 
Infection Control and Blood Borne Pathogens for Tattooists 
TEAS Preparation- English/Reading
TEAS Preparation -Math
TEAS Preparation - Science
Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC)
Trauma Nurse Core Course Instructor (TNCC)
Serv-Safe Employee Certification (QJ)
Serv-Safe Food Protection Manager (QJ)

Direct Health Care Online

See our list of Direct Patient Care online course options.