About the College

    Center for Teaching and Learning

    The Center for Teaching and Learning supports instructors and programs through a variety of services intended to facilitate continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

    The ultimate goal of the activities of the Center for Teaching and Learning is student success. Additional information about each of these resources is available on GTC4me.


    Academic Program Review (APR)
    All certificates, diplomas, and associate degree programs are reviewed and evaluated on a four-year cycle. The process, which employs a team approach, provides for the compilation and assessment of data, use of multiple measures, and involvement of a cross-section of faculty and staff. This process leads to improved program quality, use of resources, and most importantly, student success.

    Course Evaluations
    Greenville Technical College requires that courses be evaluated by students during the fall and spring semesters and summer term. Student evaluations are conducted through an online survey instrument within Blackboard.


    The Center for Teaching and Learning provides Academic HR services for the Education Division of the college. These services include assistance with faculty recruitment and retention; monitoring of faculty credentials; approval of Curriculum Fee Waivers and Academic Rank requests; and the preparation of the Academic Calendar, Faculty Manual, and Department Head Handbook.


    The CTL works with deans, department heads, and faculty in planning, designing, and assessing curricula. Instructional designers in the CTL assist instructors in developing traditional, hybrid and online learning experiences. Also, this department manages the college and state approval process for all new courses, certificates, diplomas, and degrees.


    Ongoing professional development offers opportunities for personal and professional growth to promote a high quality teaching and learning environment. All full-time faculty, including department heads, must complete 15 hours of approved professional development each academic year. The CTL also coordinates orientation for new full-time and adjunct faculty.


    The Center for Teaching and Learning explores innovative instructional technologies and assists instructors in incorporating these resources into their teaching. This department manages the Blackboard learning management system and provides training and support for instructors using Blackboard and other instructional technologies.