Health Care Certification

Certification enhances your value to your employer and demonstrates your commitment to professional development.

5 Reasons to Become Certified

Obtaining a certification in your healthcare profession is a good career move. Here are five reasons to get certified:

  1. You’ll Move to the Front of a Long Queue of Applicants
    Gaining a credential can give you the leverage to choose your employer and it certainly adds value to your application.
  2. You'll Demonstrate to Employers That You Are Properly Trained in Best Practices 
    Certification is a huge differentiator. It allows you to be able to demonstrate your enhanced level of expertise and it allows your employer to demonstrate that its staff is properly trained.
  3. You Can Expand Your Scope of Practice
    An added certification will increase your flexibility, making you more valuable to your employer and adding security for your healthcare job and for your earning potential.
  4. You Could Increase Your Earning Potential 
    When you add a certification to your resume, your compensation should reflect your expanded credentials which can lead to a pay increase associated with a certification.
  5. You Build Your Reputation as a Professional
    You will be admired for achieving a professional level of practice in your chosen occupation.

Administrative Health Care Certification

Clinical Health Care Certification