Nursing Refresher and Re-licensure

Greenville Technical College Economic Development and Corporate Training offers diverse nursing courses to expand your knowledge and assist you in growing professionally. Many of the offerings are online, providing convenience and flexibility at a reasonable cost.

Our highly skilled instructors are dedicated to providing competent and compassionate instruction and encouragement throughout program.

Our Nurse Refresher/Re-licensure course is the only South Carolina nurse refresher course approved by the Board of Nursing. It is an excellent option for you to refresh your skills and knowledge or even reactivate your nursing license. 


The Nurse Refresher and the RN Update courses are approved by the SC Board of Nursing. These courses are the only South Carolina approved courses. These courses have successfully returned over 500 nurses to the workforce. Graduates of the program feel extremely prepared and confident to return to the current clinical practices.

Course Details

RN and LPN Nurse Refresher

This course will be your first step back into the nursing career. Whether you have an active license or an inactive/lapsed license,this course will provide you the education and technical skills to return to the current workforce. The nurses taking this course have come from a variety of employment experiences; some have not worked in over 25 years.

With the fast paced and rapidly changing technology based practice of nursing, this online blended course lays a good foundation to assist the nurse in today's work environment. This course provides the practical techniques and theory-based reviews critical for the current employment opportunities.

This course includes 184 hours of theory and skills. In addition, there are 84 hours of clinical externship in your home area.

RN Refresher (NUR507)      LPN Refresher (NUR505)

An Orientation will be held prior to start of each class. The Orientation will provide useful information about the course and the completion of clinical documentation.

Find out more about the Procedure for Reactivation/Endorsement .

Career Options

Find out more about RN and LPN career opportunities and growth potential from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:




Course Overviews

"Overall, I'm so glad I took the RN refresher course! I already have friends asking me about taking it as well! I will definitely recommend it!"

"Having been out of nursing for about 18 years, I feel comfortable going back. The labs were excellent. I was astonished at how many changes have been made for the better. None of this was covered when I went to school in 1976. I feel that anyone who has been out of the nursing field for at least 3 years should have to take this course."

"I like the balance between the online lectures, labs, and clinical. The labs were very helpful because it gave me a chance to meet other nurses who, like me, have been out of work for a while and were struggling just like I was!"

I learned more in this refresher course than I did in 2 years of nursing school

"I'm happy to say that I have a job offer at St Francis in the ICU at the East Side (not as intense there) location. I'm thrilled! I know it's a lot to take in but I'm ready for the challenge. The course gave me the confidence I needed to even think about this area. Thank you so much for your direction and encouragement. Actually, I had two nurse managers on the phone with me at the same time making an offer for a PT in CV step down or a FT in the ICU. They allowed me to decide which one I wanted. Can you believe that?"