Health & Wellness 1 + 1 Programs


Start your health degree close to home.
Finish at Greenville Technical College.

Now you can start your associate degree in one of many health programs at the technical college near you and come to Greenville Technical College for your second year.

Why choose a 1 + 1 health program?
Different colleges choose to offer certain degrees for several reasons. Most of the time, those choices are driven by the need for a certain type of skill in a particular area. Over time, the market shifts in different locations and those needs change. This is a challenge because establishing a health program can be very expensive - building facilities, purchasing equipment, hiring qualified faculty, etc. On the other hand, students can't often travel great distances just because a college that's close to home isn't equipped to offer their degree of choice. That's where 1 + 1 can help.

How does a 1 + 1 program work?
Associate degree programs are typically designed with general education courses required in the first year of study, and advanced courses and clinical rotations required during the second year. All general education courses can be taken at a college near you. The key is choosing the courses required for your degree. Formal agreements between your local college and Greenville Technical College ensure that the courses you take during your first year will apply to your associate degree.

After completing your required general education courses, you'll attend Greenville Technical College for the more advanced courses. Then, whenever possible, you'll complete your clinical requirements close to home.

What are the benefits of a 1 + 1 program?
Programs that are designed in a 1 + 1 format offer many benefits. Students benefit from being able to take classes close to home, while taking advantage of top quality instruction for advanced courses. Also, completing clinical rotations close to home will give students more of an opportunity to secure employment and give back to their own communities. Colleges benefit from having more diversity in their student populations for a greater learning experience for all, as well as the ability to educate skilled professionals to serve a much wider geographic area. Communities and employees benefit by having graduates return to their communities, without having to bear the expense of a quality degree program. It's truly a win-win-win for everyone.

Which colleges participate in Greenville Technical College's 1 + 1 program agreements?

Dental Hygiene
Blue Ridge Community College
Isothermal Community College
Piedmont Technical College
Tri-County Technical College

Occupational Therapy Assistant
Blue Ridge Community College
Isothermal Community College
Midlands Technical College
Piedmont Technical College

Physical Therapist Assistant

Blue Ridge Community College
Isothermal Community College
Piedmont Technical College
Florence-Darlington Technical College
York Technical College

For more information, contact your local community or technical college and set up an appointment to speak with an advisor in the health division. If your local college doesn't offer the health program for the career you've chosen, contact Greenville Technical College to be sure you sign up for the general education courses required for that major. A lot of information is available on the colleges' web sites, but we recommend a face-to-face advising session before registration.

Monthly Career Talk sessions are offered at Greenville Technical College for students considering a career in health care. Call (864) 250-8195 for more information. 

Health & Wellness Division Advising Center 

Building 112 / Office 145
Adam McFarlane (864) 236-6527
Robert Walker (864) 250-8421