Health & Wellness Program Admissions

While general admission to the college is managed through the Admissions office, placement into the Health & Wellness Division programs requires additional steps and academic minimums. These special requirements will vary from program to program and are coordinated prior to admission through the division and departmental advisors. For additional admissions requirements for Health & Wellness programs, please contact those departments directly.

Students working toward acceptance in select Health and Wellness programs are now classified as an Associate of Science major.  Want to know more?  Check out our FAQ section.

Special admissions requirements

  • Career Talk Session - Career Talk sessions at Greenville Technical College are required for students considering a career in health care. Health & Wellness program majors must attend a Career Talk session. Please call (864) 250-8195 with questions. See Schedule...
  • Division advisor - All Health & Wellness Division applicants must be processed and advised by their health program advisor. The college Admissions and Registration Center will refer applicants to the health program advisor at the appropriate time. Students will receive their advisor’s name, location and contact information.
  • Physical examination - Because health programs include “placements” in clinical agencies as part of each curriculum, all students must have a physical exam prior to clinical placement. The programs will provide applicants with deadline information and a physical exam form to be completed by a licensed, practicing physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. Results of the physical must indicate that the applicant is in good physical and mental health, including an up-to-date immunization record and negative TB screening. Please also refer to the current Immunization Policy (pdf).
  • Vaccine - the Health & Wellness Division strongly recommends that all students in health care programs receive the Hepatitis B Vaccine series. This decision should be made in consultation with your physician. Students will be required to sign a waiver if they choose not to have the vaccine.
  • Drug screen - A negative 10-panel drug screen is required for clinical eligibility. Random drug screens may be performed throughout the programs. There is a $30 fee assessed for the drug screen. See the policy  (pdf)
  • Criminal Background Check - Students will have a comprehensive multi-state record check conducted for a minimum of seven years prior to admission. There is a $35 fee assessed for each of the record checks. The criminal background check must be crime-free. See the policy (pdf)
  • Special Program Requirements - Please refer to each curriculum outline and program overview charts for details. Advisors will also provide this information.


Once admitted to the college, qualified students will complete an online orientation. Upon completion of this online orientation the student will sign up for a Planning and Advising for Student Success (PASS) session where the student will complete registration for their first semester and will be assigned an advisor. The student will make appointments with their assigned advisor prior to registration opening each subsequent semester. The Health & Wellness Division has a Divisional Advising Center (DAC) that is located on the Barton Campus in Building 112 / Office 145.

  • Current radiographers who are interested in the Computed Tomography program should contact Lacy Kelly for advising.
  • Current radiographers who are interested in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging program should contact Pam Anthony for advising.
  • Current RNs that are interested in advanced courses through our Post-RN/Nursing Specialties courses, please contact Barbara Nickles or Renee Zorn.
  • Massage Therapy and Personal Trainer students should contact the Benson Campus advisors or call (864) 250-3001.

Division Policies

Contact information

Health Sciences Advisors contact information 

Nursing Advisors contact information   


Nita Chambers

Barton Campus  

(864) 250-8132

Julie Gianelloni

Benson Campus    

(864) 250-3004

Julie Brown

Barton Campus  

(864) 250-8309