MMT 101  Introduction to Materials Management  (3-0-3)
    Offered as needed
    Prerequisites:  CPT 270, LOG 215, MAT 120
    This course is a study of the materials management function, including purchasing.  Topics address terminology relationships of various disciplines of the materials management and the business environments where materials management is applicable.

    MMT 160  Detailed Operations Planning  (3-0-3)
    Offered Spring Semester, or as needed
    Prerequisites:  CPT 270, LOG 215 or MMT 101 (Additionally, MAT 120 is highly recommended)
    This course is designed to provide an understanding of materials requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, inventory management, and management and control of component requirements.

    MMT 235  International Purchasing  (3-0-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisites:  BUS 230, LOG 215 or MMT 101
    This course is a study of the basic concepts and key elements of the international purchasing process including identification of suitable non-domestic suppliers; ISO series and international quality; understanding foreign exchange and currency fluctuations; international logistics; facilitators and documentation; and international trading associations.