OB Ultrasound Clinic

Diagnostic Medical Sonography students at Greenville Technical College supplement their classroom education with real life experience. Make an appointment for an OB Ultrasound at Greenville Technical College's Ultrasound Clinic on our Barton Campus, and you’ll get your scan for free while helping to provide students with the experience they need.

To schedule an appointment, call (864) 250-8290.

Eligible participants

  • Scanning labs are for pregnant mothers between 22-30 weeks gestational age
  • Written approval from your primary OB physician is required and must reflect the patient’s name to participate in the lab. Please have your permission slip available when you call to schedule your appointment.
  • A release form must be signed prior to scan.
  • Labs are for training purposes only and will in no way be a substitute for your official ultrasound examination ordered by your physician.

At your appointment

These ultrasounds are performed by students in the ultrasound lab under direct supervision.

Typically this is a fun and educational time for parents as they get to hear more about what sonographers do during an ultrasound as well as see their baby's growth. Exams take about one hour.

Parents are allowed to bring children and other family members! Pictures of the baby are provided at the end of the exam.