Accelerate Math Program

Did you place into a Transitional Math class? 

Would you like another chance to place higher? 

Accelerate Math is for you! 

Math is a difficult subject for many students. The Accelerate Math Program at Greenville Technical College is offered to all students who place into Transitional Math classes (MAT 031, 032, 101 and 102).  It is designed as a low-stakes, low-stress way for students to brush-up on their math skills and be better prepared for their math courses.  

Accelerate Math will help you

  • Review math skills and concepts without the pressure of grades
  • Prepare to succeed in college math classes
  • Meet helpful faculty and staff  

For a $40 fee, you will be provided access for six weeks to ALEKS math software.  ALEKS is web-based, self-paced, and diagnostic.  It will identify your math strengths and weaknesses, and design a plan for you to improve your weaknesses.  This means that you do not have to spend time working on math concepts that you already know.  You will then be given the opportunity to take a comprehensive assessment using the ALEKS software.  If you complete the assessment with 85% or higher, you will be able to place into a higher level math course.  At the very least, you will be improving your math skills so that you will have the best opportunity to be successful in your math class.  

To help you navigate the program and the software, GTC has math faculty dedicated to Accelerate Math.  The faculty are on the Barton campus (main campus) in the computer lab located in the Library.  They will be glad to help you with the software and the math concepts, as well as assist you with any questions you might have as a student at GTC. 

Accelerate for College Math too!

Are you registered for MAT 109, 110, or 120?

Would you like to feel more prepared?

Accelerate Math can help you too!


Take time PRIOR to the start of classes to brush up on prerequisite skills and learn concepts that will make your college math course a much more positive experience and improve your chances for success. To assist you in your preparation, GTC mathematics faculty developed Prep for MAT 109/110 and Prep for MAT 120 refresher courses.

Just like the original Accelerate Math programs, this prep is web-based, self-paced, and diagnostic. It will identify your math strengths and weaknesses and will design a plan for you to improve your weaknesses. You will have access to it anytime, anywhere. Start immediately in order to give yourself ample time to make the best of this opportunity.

How to sign up

To sign up for Accelerate Math:

  1. Visit the GTC bookstore at the Admissions and Registration Center to purchase the software access.
  2. Bring the receipt to one of the following labs:
    • Barton Campus, Building 102, Room 158 (inside the library), (864) 236-6464
    • Benson Campus, Room 114, (864) 250-3035
    • Brashier Campus, Room 120, (864) 250-7955
    • Northwest Campus, Room 140, (864) 250-3640


 Accelerate Math began as part of the Achieving the Dream Initiative