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Add, Drop and Attendance
If I stop attending a class, will I automatically be dropped?
How do I drop or withdraw from a class?
What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course?

Is it possible to change my assigned advisor?
If I change majors, will I be assigned a new advisor?
Do I need to see an advisor to register for classes?
What is the difference between an advisor and a counselor?
How do I set up a meeting with an advisor?

Course Information
What counts as a social science in the AA AS degree?
What is a transitional course?
What courses will transfer?
What is a prerequisite?
What counts as a science with a lab in the AA-AS degree?
What counts as a humanities in the AA-AS degree?
What are the requirements of the AA and AS degree?
If I plan to major in business, accounting or computer science at a four-year college or university, should I use the AAS degree plan?

How do I view grades or my transcript?
What is auditing a course?
I really need help in my classes. Where can I get it?

When I tried to register online, it said I have a flag or a hold on my account. What does that mean?
How do I register for classes?
How many credit hours make me a full-time student?
How do I plan my class schedule?
When are class schedules available?
Why do I need placement testing?
What is a degree plan?
What is orientation?

Transfer Information
What are Transfer Agreements?
What is the difference between a transfer (AA AS) and a career (AAS) degree?