College Skills for College Success

Are you nervous about starting college? How to engage? How to survive? A College Skills Success Course is just what you need! Whether you have just graduated from high school or you are returning to college after being in the workforce, success courses are designed to help you learn about campus resources, build time management skills, improve your study, note-taking, and test-taking skills, identify your learning style, and explore your career options.

Our dedicated faculty will help you make the best of your college transition, teaching you the tools and strategies to help guide your academic journey at Greenville Technical College and beyond.

What you'll learn

Topics include the following:

  • College transitions
  • Navigating campus resources
  • GTC Technology: GTC4me, Blackboard, Gmail
  • Self-discovery and assessments
  • Learning styles (Personality Assessment, VARK, and Multiple Intelligences)
  • Goal-setting
  • Time management
  • Study Skills, Test-taking skills
  • Writing and presenting
  • Critical thinking
  • Career exploration

Program details

College skills success courses include:

  • 3 credit hour courses, offered fall, spring, and summer in traditional, online, and hybrid formats
    • College Skills (COL 103)
    • Freshman Seminar (COL 105)
  • 1 credit hour course, offered only in an online format
    • E-Learning Success Courses (COL 111)

More ways we help you succeed

Greenville Technical College has several programs, as part of College Skills courses and for the general student population, which are designed to help students succeed.

First Year Experience – Peer Leaders
The First Year Experience (FYE) Peer Leader is a student who serves as a role model and mentor in College Skills (COL 103) and Freshman Seminar (COL 105). Peer Leaders assist first year students with the transitions into college life by connecting students to the college community. Learn more about FYE and Peer Leaders...

Academic Coaching
Just as you have a coach/trainer to become more proficient when playing a sport or a musical instrument, an Academic Coach will help you learn how to “do college.”

Starfish Retentions Solutions was implemented at Greenville Technical College to assist students in making early connections for success. Students may receive early alerts on grades, attendance, technology, time management, tutoring, and/or study skills or they may receive kudos from their instructors.

From our students

This class was really helpful in transitioning me from the high school mindset to the college mindset. I liked the group projects because I got to conquer my fear of speaking in front of my peers. ~ Danielle

Through the College Skills class I gained extensive knowledge of Greenville Technical College’s resources and career opportunities. It has also given me the discipline needed to succeed in college. ~ Jomary

I gained knowledge of time and money management. I learned how to work around procrastination. Most importantly I gained the note-taking and communication skills that will continuously be valuable throughout my college career as well as my life. ~ Brooke

I enjoyed taking this class, and found it very valuable. I wish I would have taken this class my first semester. ~ Hope

I enjoyed finding out more about myself with the different self-tests; it was quite interesting. I just enjoyed being around my classmates. ~ Alexis