GTC Creative Inquiry

Creative Inquiry (CI) at Greenville Technical College offers students the opportunity to engage in collaborative research with a faculty member with similar research interests. Students involved in Creative Inquiry enroll in a three credit hour research methods course in their chosen field.

Creative Inquiry at the College

Scholarly and creative activities by students in all academic disciplines at Greenville Technical College are supported by CI. Examples of topics studied by previous CI students include:

  • Historical significance of religious artifacts
  • Evaluation of a fish population in a small pond
  • Lack of representation of female artists in museums
  • Automotive repair from damaged car to reliable transportation
  • Water quality evaluation of a small campus pond
  • Magical realism in Latin American literature

Benefits of Creative Inquiry

  • Students can use the research experience to set them apart from other individuals applying for the same position or as an addition to their transcript.
  • Participants in a collaborative research experience will have spent one semester or more in intense study, gaining experience in research methods, earning college credit, and producing a body of work for publication and/or presentation on or off campus.
  • Creative Inquiry enables students to think critically and develop skills such as problem solving, teamwork, media literacy, and effective communication that will help them in their chosen career field or prepare them for their university transfer destination.

Our Mission

Creative Inquiry (CI) supports immersive, credit-based scholarly and creative pursuits in any field of study.

  • Greenville Technical College students will be ready to join undergraduate research programs at the junior and senior level at their transfer destination with confidence.
  • Greenville Technical College students pursuing career-related research in CI apply their knowledge from project development to product which develops critical thinking skills highly valued in the business environment.

Eligibility and Requirements

Creative Inquiry (CI) is open to all currently enrolled GTC students. Because CI courses require independent work, the following student guidelines are highly recommended for participation in the program:

  • Completion of 24 credit hours or more
  • GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • No previous unsuccessful completions (D, F, or W) in the subject are of the CI course. If the student has a W, the student must submit a letter of appeal to the chair of the CI Advisory Committee detailing the circumstance. The CI Advisory Committee will make the final decision whether to allow the student into the program or not.
  • No record with the Dean of Students
  • Two letters of recommendation from former instructors, submitted to the chair of the CI Advisory Committee
  • Student’s focus meets with instructor’s research focus

In addition, each faculty member may have their own guidelines of acceptance of students into their CI course.

Program Details and Courses

The Creative Inquiry (CI) program at GTC provides students with the opportunity to spend a semester delving into a subject area of interest to them while earning 3 credit hours. Many times the spark comes from listening to an instructor speak about their particular area of expertise, maybe during class or even after. Something the instructor mentions causes the wheels to turn in the student’s mind, and the student realizes that they would really like to learn more. Not only can the student learn more, but in the CI program they can work one on one with a faculty member guiding their research. The GTC CI program helps students personalize their education.

Students interested in this type of independent study need to discuss options with a faculty member in the area of study. Greenville Technical College offers CI courses in all academic divisions:

AHS 299  Research in Health Sciences
BIO 299   Research in the Biological Sciences
BUS 299  Research in Business
CHM 299 Research in Chemistry
EGR 299  Applied Research in the Technical Fields
HSS 298  Research in the Humanities
NUR 299 Research in Nursing
PSY 299  Research in Psychology
SOC 299 Research in Sociology

Is Creative Inquiry Right for You?

If you are highly motivated and want to go beyond the traditional class and explore a particular topic in depth, CI can offer you that opportunity. With a faculty mentor guiding your progress, you’ll be able to experience independent learning and exercise critical thinking skills that will be the beginning of a rewarding undergraduate research experience as you continue your education or show an employer you have abilities beyond those of your peers.