GTC Dental Hygiene Clinic

To supplement their classroom education with real life experience, Greenville Technical College Dental students rotate through a variety of clinical sites, as well as operating a 33 chair community dental hygiene clinic serving about 8000 active patients.

Patients receive dental services at a very reasonable cost while helping to provide students with the experience they need. Students also learn computerized scheduling and charting, generate and maintain patient records, as well as greet and address the questions of our patients.

For appointment availability and more information, please call (864) 250-8126.

Services and Fees

Senior Citizen (55 and over)   $10.00
Adult   $20.00
Child (11 and under)   $15.00
GTC Student   $10.00
GTC Employees and Children   $10.00

Full Mouth   $20.00
Panoral   $20.00
Bite-Wings   $10.00
Post-Perio 7   $10.00
Single films/PAs   $3.00

Sealants (per tooth)   $5.00

Payment by cash, check, debit or credit is expected at the time of the first appointment.
Please make checks payable to: Greenville Technical College.

Patient Forms

While our goal is to give our students clinical experience approximating that in the workplace, your experience may be very different than that at your private practice dentist. We would appreciate your reviewing the information in the forms below so that you are prepared for this experience. Completing the forms in advance and bringing them with you to your appointment will maximize the time we spend on your treatment.

After an appointment has been scheduled via phone with the Dental Hygiene Clinic, go to our online patient management system to fill out your appointment paperwork prior to your appointment.