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    Inclement Weather Policy 

    At Greenville Technical College, we value both learning and safety, and thus, decisions regarding weather closings are made with deliberation and care. We are preparing students to enter the workforce where individuals must take responsibility for their own actions. Therefore, we recommend that students and employees save adequate absences and annual leave to cover situations in which the college may be open, but an individual may be unable to safely arrive on campus or may be worried about driving conditions. In those situations, the individual must keep his or her own safety in mind in making decisions and must act accordingly.


    In the event of inclement weather, Greenville Technical College will close or adjust its operating hours in the interest of student and employee safety. Greenville Technical College will determine its own schedule and NOT follow the schedule of the Greenville County School District in all instances. Decisions and announcements regarding college classes and activities will be INDEPENDENT of the Greenville County School District and announced and posted on area media outlets and college information sites. Decisions regarding employees WILL follow the decision of Greenville County offices.

    When conditions make it feasible, the college will make announcements based on the following schedule:

    1. Monday - Friday
      1. Day Classes, College Activities and Events -
        Announcements regarding a delay or cancellation will be made by 6 a.m.
      2. Evening Classes, College Activities and Events -
        Announcements regarding cancellation will be made by 2:30 p.m. Evening classes and activities are those with a start time of 4:30 p.m. or later.
    2. Saturday-Sunday Classes, College Activities and Events -
      Announcements regarding the status of daytime Saturday/Sunday classes, college activities and events will be made by 6 a.m. and by 2:30 p.m. for any evening classes, college activities and events.
    3. Classes in Progress -
      If weather conditions worsen significantly after a regular or delayed opening, announcements will be made across the campus as quickly as possible. Typically a specific time will be relayed to suspend all classes and activities. The cancellation or delay of any on-going classes or activities will not result in automatic cancellation or delay of evening or weekend classes or activities.

    A very brief announcement regarding delay or cancellation can be found through the following sources. This brief announcement should guide student actions but may not provide complete information to guide employee actions:

     TV Outlets

      1. WYFF - TV 4 (NBC)
      2. WSPA - TV 7 (CBS)
      3. WHNS - TV 21 (FOX)

    More complete information may be obtained through the following sources. Employees should always seek information from these sources:

     College Outlets 

      1. Switchboard - (864) 250-8000
      2. Texts and emails sent by the college’s emergency messaging system unless you have opted out
      3. Website -
      4. GTC4me
      5. Facebook
      6. Blackboard

    Greenville Technical College will utilize the following options with regard to operating hours:

    1. The college is closed. All day and evening classes, activities and events are cancelled. When this happens, employees are asked, for their own safety, to refrain from coming to campus.
    2. All day classes, activities and events are cancelled.
    3. All evening classes, activities and events are cancelled.
    4. Classes are delayed - when classes/activities are delayed, students should report to the class they would normally report to then in progress at that time. In other words, if a class normally begins at 9:30 a.m. and continues until 11 a.m. and the college delays opening until 10 a.m., students should attend that class beginning at 10 a.m. Faculty and staff may access offices no more than one hour before the scheduled opening time for students.
    5. Special circumstances that could include offices being open but classes cancelled, early dismissal, etc.

    When the college does open during periods of inclement weather, students and employees are urged to use their best judgment in determining whether traveling conditions to and from any of the college campuses or other sites are safe. College personnel will do everything possible to clear campus roadways, parking lots, walkways, and entrances of any snow or ice prior to opening. However, students and employees are urged to use caution during these periods.