The International Education Center


The International Education Center (IEC) at Greenville Technical College promotes culturally diverse college experiences for students and faculty by infusing a variety of international and intercultural elements into teaching and learning. Such efforts will extend students' educational experiences to empower them to engage in free and open discussion of ideas, to have informed appreciation of their distinct cultural heritages, and to live and work within a global community.

The International Education Center offers a variety of opportunities for the entire college community to encourage an understanding of global and cultural issues. Presentations, workshops, and special events are regularly offered on campus.

  • New courses are developed and others are modified to expand the emphasis on global issues.
  • Division-specific presentations with an international focus are given by experts.
  • Faculty and students travel to workshops and conferences to further their understanding of particular issues and to participate in programs such as the Model U.N.
  • The International Education Center staff seeks opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in exchange programs and international study opportunities.