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What is Financial Aid Appeal?

Students who fail to meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress as defined in the college catalog and student handbook have the option of submitting an appeal. Please review appeal types below to see which appeal applies to your situation.

  • Academic Plan Appeal: For students who become ineligible due to 150% rule:
    Complete the Academic Plan appeal form at GTC4me > Webadvisor > Financial Aid > New Academic Plan Agreement. You will then be prompted to select the award period for which you are requesting aid. Once you have submitted the agreement, you will then need to make an appointment with your assigned advisor to determine the number of credit hours you have remaining in your program(s). This is the maximum number of credit hours you can attempt before you graduate from your program. If you attempt the maximum of credit hours and do not graduate, you will lose financial aid eligibility at that point.

    A student may only submit two appeals during their time at Greenville Technical College. The Academic Plan Appeal counts as the first appeal.
    Note: If the student has graduated/completed a program of study at another institution, they must submit a transcript or the degree itself to the office of Student Records.
  • SAP Appeal: For students who become ineligible due to GPA or completion rate:
    If a student fails a previously completed Academic Plan, they have the option to submit a SAP Appeal if they qualify. To qualify, students must be able to document extenuating circumstances for each semester where they did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. Documentation must be from a third party entity, and is submitted with the SAP appeal form.