GTC Massage Therapy Program Public Clinic

Massage Therapy students at Greenville Technical College supplement their classroom education with real life experience. Make an appointment for a massage treatment at Greenville Technical College's Massage Clinic on our Benson Campus, and you’ll get professional services at a very reasonable cost while helping to provide students with the experience they need.

To schedule an appointment, call (864) 250-3058.

Scheduling and Appointments

Clinics are held during specific and limited periods throughout the semester.

  • Appointments are required and can be made by calling the appointment line number, (864) 250-3058.
    • Appointments will not be scheduled by email or at any other phone number.
    • If the message on the appointment line voice mail indicates a clinic is in session, please leave your name, telephone number, and an alternate number (if possible) along with a preferred day & time for your appointment. A student will return your call. Your appointment is not confirmed until a student has called you. 
  • Late arrivals - Appointments are reserved for the time slot chosen. Clients arriving late for their appointments will receive the remainder of their time. Clients who are late by more than 15 minutes must reschedule their massage.
  • Cancellations and no-shows - While last minute cancellations do occur, excessive cancellations will not be tolerated. Clients who no-show without notification will forfeit all future scheduled appointments.
  • Therapist Requests - Clients are allowed to request a particular massage student no more than twice. Clients’ gender preferences for their therapist will be respected.
  • Community Event Request


For a one-hour therapeutic massage session, the cost is $20.00.

Payment is due at the time of the massage appointment.
Payment must be in cash or check. Debit and credit cards are not accepted.

Massage Session Information & Etiquette

The massage sessions at Greenville Technical College’s student clinic are performed by Massage Therapy students and are for general wellness purposes. Massage sessions are 50 minutes in length.

While we want our clients to have a relaxing and/or therapeutic experience, we ask that clients remember the purpose of the clinic is to be a learning experience for the students. The student may interrupt the massage session to consult with an instructor regarding the client’s treatment protocol.

  • Clients are expected to exhibit good hygiene and are asked to minimize the use of perfume, cologne, and heavily scented personal products.
  • Please leave cell phones in the car or remember to turn them off before entering the clinic floor.
  • Clients and massage students are expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner.
  • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Suggestive comments, sexual innuendos, or touching of the massage student in an inappropriate way will result in the termination of the massage session, and the client will not be allowed to return for further massages.


We ask that clients provide an objective and detailed evaluation at the end of the session which will add to the students’ learning experience and assist them in honing their skills. Praise is certainly appreciated; however, please remember that students will also learn from specific comments that indicate ways in which they may improve.

Medical Issues

Clients should see a doctor or other appropriate health care provider for diagnosis and treatment of any suspected medical problem.

It is the client’s responsibility to keep their massage practitioner informed of any changes in their health, and any medications that are being taken.

Greenville Technical College is not responsible for the aggravation of conditions which are present and may be affected by massage, but are not disclosed to the practitioner at the time of the massage session.

First visit

  • Please arrive at the massage clinic approximately 15 minutes prior to your first session to allow adequate time to complete a brief medical form. The reason for this form is to make the student aware of any problems that you may be experiencing. The student also needs to know if you are under the care of a physician at this time and why you are seeing the doctor.
  • After the history form is completed, the student will review it and ask questions if they feel they need clarification or additional information.
  • Your student therapist will show you to a curtained cubicle and leave while you disrobe to your level of comfort for the massage. After disrobing, get on the massage table under the top sheet, lying face up. The student therapist will ask your permission before re-entering the cubicle. You will be fully draped at all times and only the area which the student is massaging will be uncovered.
  • To help promote a relaxing atmosphere please turn off pagers and cell phones. We also ask that you refrain from talking loudly during the session, although you are encouraged to express any concerns or requests that will make the treatment most comfortable for you.
  • When the session is over, the student will let you know that he/she is leaving the room and you are to get dressed. The student will ask permission to come back into the cubicle to bring you a cup of water. After you have been given the water, the student will escort you to an evaluation room to complete the evaluation form and discuss your visit with an instructor.

Massage Clinic Policies

  • Client records are kept secure and confidential. (see Privacy Policy below)
  • Greenville Technical College policy forbids the Clinic Supervisor or student from giving out a massage student’s phone number to any client.
  • Since Greenville Technical College students are not licensed, tipping is not allowed.
  • A minor (under 18) may receive a massage with written parental permission and parental attendance in the massage clinic during the course of the massage session.

Privacy Policy:
Your massage therapy records are kept in the strictest confidence by this clinic. All client records are kept in a secure place, and only those who need to see a client’s file for legitimate business or professional purposes have access to them. Your records will not be released to third parties.