Orientation Center

Located at the Admissions and Registration Center at McAlister Square, the Orientation Center specialists provide comprehensive information to help prospective students with college processes as well as planning and decision making to aid in their long term success.

The Orientation Center provides assistance to any new student who requires it after online orientation, but primarily serves:

  • Transient visiting students
  • English as a Second Language students
  • Career Development / non-degree seeking students
  • Early College / College in High School students

Services Provided

Highly cross-trained specialists will offer expert assistance with

  • accessing the Online Orientation
  • utilizing self-service tools
  • career planning
  • basic financial aid
  • transfer services
  • basic registration planning
  • assistance with scheduling Planning and Advising for Student Success (PASS) sessions

When students visit the Orientation Center, they will be provided with a broad scope of services by the Orientation Specialists prior to attending “PASS” and meeting with an academic advisor in their programs of study. Many new students will receive answers to their questions at the Orientation Center, while others will be referred to another area that best corresponds to their needs and goals. For the majority of students, this will be the last stop they need before attending PASS.

Orientation Center Staff

Chris Kabali – Orientation Specialist

Allison Keck – Orientation Specialist

Meg Sutton – Orientation Specialist  

Jan Bishop – Administrative Assistant