Placement Services Assistance

Quick Jobs Training is pertinent to the needs of local business and industry. Most of the courses provide a simulated learning environment with hands-on experience. Some training courses or programs offer laboratory experience, practicum opportunities, internships and/or apprenticeships. 

Professional full-time and part-time teachers provide quality instruction, as well as, knowledge of local hiring authorities and connections to employment opportunities. This is also supported by great relationships with business owners, healthcare employers, and technical companies.

All of this combined provides excellent preparation and connections to a better life with new skills, credentials and certificates.

As a training and educational institution, Greenville Technical College cannot guarantee employment. However, due to direct involvement with hundreds of businesses in all sectors of Greenville County and the Upstate assurance is provided that quality assistance and employment preparation is delivered.

Placement services are provided to students pursuing college credit or non- college credit courses. Listed below are some options or choices to consider enhancing your chances of securing employment:

Career Services Office
2nd Floor, Student Center
Barton Campus
Greenville, SC 29607

(864) 250-8222 (

Career Services Assistance

Career Assessment- Career Exploration- Resume Writing

Career Direction- Interview Skills- Job Posting- Job Search